Sustainable-Advantaged Products

  • 32%total sales derived from sustainable-advantaged products and processes
  • 40%2020 goal for total sales derived from sustainable-advantaged products and processes
  • 5years ahead of schedule meeting our initial 30% goal

Environmental stewardship has driven our research and development portfolio for more than a century. That rich history has embedded the commitment to innovate products and processes that provide environmental and other sustainability benefits to our customers.

In 2017, 32 percent of our total sales were derived from sustainable-advantaged products and processes. Our goal was to achieve 40 percent by 2020 after meeting our initial 30 percent goal five years ahead of schedule in 2015. Our new goal for 2018 onward is to achieve 40 percent of sales from sustainable products and processes by 2025.

Our coatings, materials and technologies reduce corrosion, extending the life of our customers’ products. We also help our customers reduce energy usage and emissions, protect their employees and minimize waste and water consumption through the use of our products.

A key aspect of our product development process is selecting sustainable and safe materials to manufacture a product. We actively seek to avoid chemicals of concern, and we have committed to remove lead from our remaining non-consumer coatings formulations by 2020. None of our consumer paints worldwide contains lead.

We publicly communicate transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products through independently verified life cycle assessments (LCA) and validated environmental product declarations (EPD). We also provide transparency into product contents and associated health information through health product declarations (HPDs) and other disclosure tools used in the building industry.

Our current focus is developing these types of documents for products that can help end customers meet their green building initiatives, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification. Examples of LCAs, EPDs and HPDs can be found on our PPG PAINTS™ website.

Sustainable-advantaged product innovation is more than a business strategy at PPG. It is a commitment to the environment, our customers and our people.

InnovationCure for production bottlenecks

A new sprayable secondary fuel vapor barrier that uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation to cure in seconds instead of 24 hours or more can greatly reduce production cycle times for commercial aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors. In addition to curing speed, the product has lower solvent content, is isocyanate free and cures to a totally transparent coating that enables easy structural inspection. The sealant is expected to be commercialized in early 2018. More »

InnovationReducing waste, lowering emissions

PPG PSX® 800 and PSX 805 coatings for steel and metal surfaces provide single-coat protection over zinc-rich primers, replacing two-layer intermediate epoxy and polyurethane topcoat systems. This can help contractors reduce application costs, minimize waste and lower environmental emissions on the job site. PPG PSX 805 also meets the criteria for GREENGUARD Gold Certification. More »

InnovationExtending equipment life

Used in heavy-duty equipment, general finishing and transportation applications, PPG SPECTRACRON® ADVANTEDGE™ HPP primer provides extended overall corrosion protection with a formula free of heavy metals. More »

InnovationClear sustainable advantages

PPG ENVIROBASE® EC520 High Performance Clearcoat supports high-volume collision repair centers focused on cutting refinish cycle times while still delivering premium quality finishes. The product dries at temperatures as low as 120 F (49 C) in as little as 20 minutes and only 90 minutes to two hours if air dried, allowing shop owners to save on energy consumption and costs. More »

InnovationSpray coating helps customers meet environmental mandates

Featuring a one-coat application, PPG DURASTAR® ultra-durable industrial spray coating for aluminum extrusions meets stringent exterior durability requirements. To help manufacturers comply with environmental mandates, the coating is lead-free and features low volatile organic compounds and low hazardous air pollutants. More »

InnovationClearcoat boosts throughput, saves energy

PPG NEXA AUTOCOLOR® P190-6920 Production Clearcoat is an easy-to-use clearcoat designed for exceptional throughput with a minimal bake time of just 20 minutes. The clearcoat also features an energy-saving lower force-dry temperature of 120 F (49 C), and panels coated with the clearcoat can be reassembled after an air-dry period of 90 minutes to two hours

InnovationLow-VOC, water-based primer protects against corrosion

PPG AQUACRON® 834 industrial shop primer has volatile organic compounds of only 2.8 pounds (1.3 kilograms) per gallon, helping manufacturers and custom coaters meet stringent environmental regulations while delivering robust protection in corrosive environments. The quick-dry, water-based formula can increase shop production and uses water for reduction and clean-up.

InnovationHouse paints that improve indoor air quality

From the moment of application, the air-purifying technology of SIGMA® Air Pure paint by PPG filters 70 percent of the harmful formaldehydes in indoor air. The paint is easy to use and 45 percent bio-based, and its packaging is made entirely out of recycled materials. More »

InnovationExtending the range of electric vehicle batteries

Through our partnership with SiNode Systems, we are helping develop and demonstrate anode materials that will store more energy than conventional lithium-ion battery materials, enabling electric vehicles to travel farther on a single charge or to have a lighter-weight battery. More »

InnovationHelping airplane parts last longer

PPG AEROCRON™ electrocoat (e-coat) primer is the first commercial e-coat technology available to aircraft manufacturers. The primer has no chrome intentionally added, cures faster than spray primers, and can provide significant energy and cost reductions to customers. More »

Lead Commitment

We do not use lead as an ingredient in our consumer paints and coatings anywhere in the world. We have proactively eliminated lead from all new formulations for a number of years and will not use lead in new formulations in the future. We also develop plans to eliminate lead from products that become part of our portfolio through acquisitions as part of our integration process.

We are committed to eliminating lead by 2020 from the small quantity of non-consumer coatings formulations that remain in our portfolio. These non-consumer products, which comprise less than 1 percent of our entire portfolio, include lead solely to meet the unique specifications of certain customers. In 2017, we eliminated 43 percent of these products.

One example of our efforts in this area is within our global protective and marine coatings business, which eliminated lead from the manufacture of all product formulations in 2016. Our other non-consumer-facing businesses are following a similar path to meet the 2020 lead-free goal.