We believe that having quality dialogue with our people, recognizing the value they bring and championing an authentic culture generates engaged employees and a company that is more innovative, productive and competitive.

Our “Your Say” engagement survey measures our progress in the engagement journey. It also provides a benchmark for improvement to increase dialogue between managers and their teams to improve the way they work together to achieve their goals.

Our engagement strategy in 2017 included specific follow-up actions to our survey in November 2016. Throughout the year, supervisors and their teams executed against action plans that addressed their key engagement areas. The supervisors also continued engaging in dialogue with their people while monitoring progress against the plans.

To ensure our engagement strategy is current and effective, we benchmark other organizations that have highly engaged employees. We use the insight gained to develop new programs and improve existing ones.

In 2017, we introduced an engagement coaching program for supervisors and managers. Under this program, our human resources professionals and managers with high engagement scores began assisting other supervisors and managers through coaching, mentoring and the sharing of engagement best practices.

Also during the year, more than 300 managers from 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa participated in Engaging Conversations workshops. These highly interactive sessions provide a learning experience for managers to explore, practice, obtain feedback on and develop their skills in building engagement with their teams through everyday interactions. Additional workshops will be held in 2018.

We have a variety of formal award programs focused on sales, sustainability, health, wellness and other important aspects of our company. These are supplemented with informal everyday recognitions from our leaders that are equally important, such as recognizing a person during a team meeting, giving gift cards for superior performance or simply telling someone he or she is appreciated.

A measure of our engagement success is turnover rate, which was 14.15 percent in 2017.

  • 300managers from 16 countries participated in Engaging Conversations workshops
  • 14.15%turnover rate in 2017