The success of our company is tied to our people. We are committed to ensuring they are safe, healthy, engaged and valued for the diverse talents they bring to PPG. We offer development and advancement opportunities so they are equipped to make meaningful contributions, be successful and achieve their full potential.

  • 47,200Employees in 2017
  • 70%of our locations with 50 or more employees had a wellness program
  • 100%(perfect score) on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2018 Corporate Equality Index

By fostering inclusiveness, welcoming diverse perspectives and empowering our people, PPG becomes more innovative, productive and competitive.

Our 2017 injury and illness rate was the lowest in our history, and 70 percent of our locations with 50 or more employees had a wellness program.

In follow-up to our latest “Your Say” employee survey, we continued to drive improvement in employee engagement throughout 2017. We also introduced an engagement coaching program to facilitate coaching, mentoring and sharing of best practices.

Our numerous diversity councils continued to make our workplaces more diverse and inclusive in 2017, and our chief executive officer signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge. We were recognized for our efforts with a perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index.

We created a new vision and strategy for learning and development during this year, which has enabled us to provide an even sharper focus on our areas of need to drive the company forward and ensure engagement of our people.

Number of Employees
2012 39,200
2013 41,400
2014 44,400
2015 46,600
2016 47,000
2017 47,200
2017 Employees by Region
  Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East and Africa Latin America North America Total
Male 5,787 11,203 4,962 13,564 35,516
Female 1,449 4,137 1,603 4,489 11,678
Total 7,236 15,340 6,565 18,053 47,194
2017 Employees by Employment Type
  Full-Time Part-Time Not Specified Total
Male 34,746 758 12 35,516
Female 10,967 710 1 11,678
Total 45,713 1,468 13 47,194