To identify our material topics and boundaries, members of our Sustainability Committee and report team used a variety of sources that included the following:

  • Customer feedback on our sustainability performance through both formal and informal means;
  • Sustainability information that various ranking organizations use to determine PPG’s performance;
  • Feedback on our prior sustainability reporting;
  • Media coverage of our company globally;
  • Engagement with our communities;
  • Insight from our senior management team; and
  • Our sustainability goals.

The following are the material topics that form the basis of our 2017 report.

Material Topic Internal Boundary External Boundary
Economic performance All businesses Shareholders
Energy All manufacturing operations None
Water All manufacturing operations, particularly those located in water-stressed regions of the world Communities surrounding our locations that are in water-stressed regions
Emissions All manufacturing operations Communities surrounding our locations
Effluents and waste All manufacturing operations Communities surrounding our locations
Health and safety All locations The families of our people
Local communities All locations Communities surrounding our locations